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Let's Talk About Your Beautiful Unique Skin Type!

In my years working on skin their is one thing all clients have in common, the over whelmed feeling of choosing the right beauty brand when they walk into a store and see 1000's of brands beautiful packaged ! How do you choose ? So before you even dive into the brands and their beautiful packaging, let's start with learning how you find your unique skin type leading you you to then create a list of your skin concerns. This will allow you to learn how to pick the proper brand that will truly nourish your skin type and allow you start truly healing your biggest skin concern first and then leading into the next. Remember we can't stop from aging but we can help to do it slowly, and gracefully.

The 5 primary skin types defined by medical dermatology are normal, oily, dry, sensitive, and combination. Each one of these or combo of these has traits that make our complexion feel and look unique for each of us. Something to keep in mind is skin type can change with seasons, stress, diet, and over all aging. Gradual changes however does not mean that your routine has to change it may just need a little extra or a little less. First let's learn how we identify each indivual skin type. Once skin type is determined this will make products easy to choose and give you full healing power.

Five Types Of Skin Defined-

Normal Skin: Tends to be very balanced often looks very healthy with little to no dryness or oil noticeable. It's texture is often silly and soft, and does not often flare up or react often to things. Dermatologist often refer to this skin type as free of dry flakes and no oily areas on the skin.

Oily Skin: Often this skin type looks very shiny and often feel greasy to the touch. This skin type is do the excess production of our natural oil which is know as sebum . This over production makes this skin type prone to large pores and often more whiteheads and blackheads.

Dry Skin: Is opposite of oily as this skin type is low in production of our natural oil which is know as sebum. Dry skin tends to look scaly or dull and often feels extremely tight. This skin type can frequently feel very itchy, or have a burning sensation. Fine line and wrinkles are noticeable or prominent to this skin type. Often dry skin is mistaken with dehydrated skin, however dehydrated skin is a condition that is caused by weather change, stress, life style changes, and diet.

Sensitive Skin: Is often very easily irritated by the weather, and more prone to skin conditions like eczema, and rosacea. This skin type is also prone to inflammation, redness, pain, itching , and or burning sensations or allergic reactions.

Combination Skin: Is often when areas of the skin like the cheeks are dry, and the T-zone areas of the forehead, nose, and chin are oily. Combination can quickly favor to the oily or dry side very quickly. In hot months like summer it often will feel very oily and cold months like winter it can feel very dry. Hormones and stress can quickly causes changes to this skin type as well.

Finding Your skin type-

In order to find the best products to truly nourish and heal your skin, its very important you know your skin type and always remember skin can change do seasons, stress, hormones, and as we age.

Steps to finding skin type.

-Simply wash your face with warm water

- Pat Dry

- Wait about 1 hr

-Head to a mirror and see results.

Normal Skin Type- After washing and waiting this skin type will still looked balanced with no noticeable dry or oil spots.

Oil Skin: After washing and waiting this skin type will have noticeably larger pores and look very shiny along with feeling greasy to the touch.

Dry Skin: After washing and waiting this skin type will have dry patches and feel very tight.

Combination Skin: After washing and waiting this skin type will have dry cheek areas and the nose and forehead, the T-zone area will be very oily.

Sensitive Skin:After washing and waiting this skin type might look a bit inflamed or red depending on actions of the last few days.

You can also wash your face following the same steps as above and use blotting papers to find oil however, this method maybe hard to find the correct skin type so first try the method above.

Wash To Find Your Type-

So now you know how to find your skin type so turn on the warm water wash and explore your beautiful skin! Once you have found your skin type tune back here on Sunday October 1st 2023 and read best ways to choose your products and help to reach your skins glowing potential!



Moon Lilly Wellness

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