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Skin Balancing Wellness

When we wake up the first thing we see is our skin, some days its glowing and youthful others days its dull and dry. Lets talk about the best ways we can create a routine that will allow us to keep the good balanced skin days rolling in.

1.Water its the key to balancing our glowing skin, so start by always drinking a 8 oz glass of water when first rising and right before you lay down to dream at night.

2.Always wash your face before bed, the pores need time to breath just like you!

3.Always apply your moisturizer when your skin is still a bit damp as it helps with ph level.

4. Always use products that are a best fit for skin type, not sure what your skin type is take a skin quiz to determine if you are oily, dry, acne prone, or combination skin.

5. Use a skin routine that fits your needs morning and night.

6. Use an exfoliate twice a week as it helps remove dead skin and excess oils.

7. Use a hydrating mask once a week if you have dry skin or a clay mask once a week if you oily skin.

8. Eat well as it helps our skin to not have to so much detoxing.

9. Have a facial done once every month or two as it helps keep skin refreshed, rejuvenated and balanced . As well as insures you are using the best skin care products for you individual needs.

Most important remember that how you feel has a lot to do with your mind and body so be kind to yourself know your beautiful no matter what and always say positive things as it leads to the best out come!

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